Welcome to the website of Sirugue USA - importer of finely crafted French Oak barrels from Tonnellerie Sirugue in Nuits St Georges, France.

Since 1998 Tonnellerie Sirugue has been represented in America by Françoise Gouges in Santa Monica, CA. Born and raised in Nuits-St-Georges, Francoise movedto America when she was in her early twenties. She worked in international shipping before joining Sirugueto help them develop their American market.


"I'm talking to you about my craft because I have a passion for my work. It is a family craft, as my great grandfather was a cooper. It is an old craft, as you'll see from my description of its history, and it's a craft that has survived the powerful technical and mechanical revolutions of our time.

Around 1885, power-driven tools allowed faster work with machines adapted to the trade, but it remains at its soul, manual, craftsman-oriented, attractive and creative. The cooper must have a lively mind, skill, motivation, and above all, love of hard work...more
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