This area of our website is designed to guide you in barrel selection and their proper care. We’ve made available downloadable reference files that can be printed out for your convenience. Using this section as a resource should ensure the longevity of your Sirugue barrels.

Size Type of Barrel Air Drying Months
228 litres Burgundy (Traditional or Export) 24 or 36 months
225 litres Bordeaux 24 or 36 months
300 litres Hogshead 24 months
114 litres Feuillette 24 months

"In trials in Burgundy, natural drying is always preferred to artificial drying. Drying times have also been compared:
batches of wood dried for 36 months are always preferred to batches of 24 months drying. The intensity and the quality of oak are more harmonius and less astringent." The Barrel from A - Z - Tonnellerie Sirugue France

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Additional Options
Toasted heads (TH)
Burgundy Traditional with chestnut hoops
Painted hoops
Logos on barrel heads
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